Multi-Cluster service mesh failover and fallback routing

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In this blog series, we will dig into specific challenge areas for multi-cluster Kubernetes and service mesh architecture, considerations and approaches in solving them. In our first post, we looked at service discovery and in this post we’ll look at failover and fallback routing across multiple clusters. By Denis Jannot.

When building applications on cloud platforms like Kubernetes (ie, ones where compute/network/storage is ephemeral and unreliable), planning for failures isn’t just nice it’s a prerequisite to these architectures. Instead of only working to prevent failures, implementing a strategy to gracefully handle an unplanned failure is critical to the customer experience and to avoid any potential cascading failures across other dependent services. Microservices architecture exacerbates this as there are many layers (physical or abstracted infrastructure, applications) and locations (distributed and dynamic) where the failure can happen.

The article describes these:

  • What is failover and fallback routing?
  • Challenges in handling failures across clusters
  • Service Mesh Hub in action

Service Mesh Hub was updated and open sourced in May and has recently started community meetings to expand the conversation around service mesh. Great read, with detailed commands, configuration files and links to further resources!

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