How to advance in blockchain as a Java developer

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Come 2009, and mysteriously out of the blocks emerged a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, coded using a technique described in 1991 as blockchain. Bitcoin attracted sustained attention, and blockchain, which until then was largely unnoticed, basked in the dawn of a new era of promise. By Girish.

Not only is blockchain considered highly scalable, as per a survey by Deloitte Insights, but is also one of the fastest growing skills, as per a survey by Upwork. From start-ups to tech giants and industry leaders, from e-commerce companies to financial and global banking firms, everyone is hiring those with blockchain-related skills.

The article then guides you through:

  • Get a handle on blockchain by studying Bitcoin & Ethereum
  • Explore Java-based blockchain projects like BitcoinJ & FundRequest
  • Master emerging blockchain technologies like Solidity & Hyperledger
  • Take courses like IBM Bitcoin 101: Quick-start guide for developers

Excellent resource for any Java developer learning about and exploring the blockchain!

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