About CodeIsGo

Learn why we created CodeIsGo.com

In short

CodeIsGo.com is community resource site for software engineers, developers. It also brings fresh news for CIOs and CTOs. It is also information resource site full of software and web development tips, articles about programming languages, performance and comparison benchmarks, open source tools, books and podcasts recommendations.

The idea behind CodeIsGo.com is simple. Create platform for everybody interested in software engineering and to help us in enhancing of our knowledge in this area. This should be useful, current and easy. And you can improve your life with the knowledge too: find better job, start new career, help your non profit, amuse your friends with mobile game or just:- become the builders of our digital world. Finally, it is clear that software engineer career path is an excellent choice and software engineers are in high demand.

Longer version

Why CodeIsGo.com? Some time ago I was in the process of re-thinking my career. For years I was working in IT industry as a web/software developer for small publishing company. With tight budget.Part of day to day task was to do with Linux servers, server configuration and administration - basically DevOps. I felt that I needed to invest in myself. I started to create information technology resource pool to enhance my knowledge. And the goal? Become better software engineer.

I realized that such resource site, directory of links related to software engineering, cloud, big data, devops, containers and programming languages will be useful to other people as well.

Idea started to get some traction in 2016, while domain was registered in advance around 2014.

The goal

Our goal is that CodeIsGo.com becomes the go-to online resource for software engineers, professionals, teachers, and students alike. It aims to be a community that will support the transfer of knowledge between engineers, wherever they may find themselves practicing the (arguably) most exciting profession around.

CodeIsGo.com is an online social community for IT professionals and developers to improve and share their knowledge and experience using various methods. Its aim is to keep you up to date with the latest software engineering and technology news.

Technology used on this site

This site is built with help of excellent static site generator HUGO which itself is written in golang.

We also use the continuous deployment provided by Platform as a Service project Netlify.