New case studies about Google's use of Go

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Go started in September 2007 when Robert Griesemer, Ken Thompson, and I began discussing a new language to address the engineering challenges we and our colleagues at Google were facing in our daily work. By Rob Pike.

When authors first released Go to the public in November 2009, tehy didn’t know if the language would be widely adopted or if it might influence future languages. Looking back from 2020, Go has succeeded in both ways: it is widely used both inside and outside Google, and its approaches to network concurrency and software engineering have had a noticeable effect on other languages and their tools.

Go has turned out to have a much broader reach than we had ever expected. Its growth in the industry has been phenomenal, and it has powered many projects at Google.

In the past year, there was sixteen case studies from end users around the world talking about how they use Go to build fast, reliable, and efficient software at scale. And another three new case studies from teams inside Google has been published recently. Great read!

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