Intro guide to Dockerfile best practices

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Tibor Vass wrote this piece about best Dockerfile practices. There are over 1 million Dockerfiles on GitHub today, but not all Dockerfiles are created equally. Efficiency is critical, and this blog series will cover five areas for Dockerfile best practices to help you write better Dockerfiles: incremental build time, image size, maintainability, security and repeatability.

In a development cycle, when building a Docker image, making code changes, then rebuilding, it is important to leverage caching. Caching helps to avoid running build steps again when they don’t need to.

The article highlights following:

  • Incremental build time
  • Reduce Image size
  • Maintainability
  • Reproducibility

We liked: Multi-stage builds is the go-to solution to remove build-time dependencies.

Author explains how they went from building bloated images inconsistently to building minimal images in a consistent environment while being cache-friendly. Very insightful with more detailed advice in the article!

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