Use Kabanero, Appsody, and Codewind to build Spring Boot application on Kubernetes

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An guide by Hafid Haddouti. In the era of DevOps where the team is responsible for building and running applications for their entire life cycle, choosing the best tools is crucial to help reduce the work needed for building and deploying cloud-native applications.

New open source tools from IBM — Kabanero, Appsody, and Codewind — were created to make it easier for developers to build and deploy cloud-native applications to Kubernetes.

The article then gives you step by step instruction how to build your app in VSCode:

  • Prerequisites and installation
  • How to create a Spring Boot project with Appsody
  • Codewind integration
  • Move it to the cloud

Kabanero is a new tool in the young and rapidly changing cloud-native environment. It allows a better decoupling of the application logic from the used infrastructure with the offered abstraction. Nice one!

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