Why every test automation engineer needs Jenkins

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Continuous Integration (CI) is a game-changer for increasing the adoption of test automation for every step of the software development process. In this article, the author will describe how CI affects the working day from a test automation engineer’s point of view and what are the achievable benefits of CI. By Vincenzo Marrazzo.

Test automation engineers (TAEs), for example, are a mandatory building block that allows this challenging scenario to succeed. TAEs main task is to validate software quality under the continued compression of working time. Every software development cycle contains more features and requires more validation.

The article also deals with:

  • What is the role of a test automation engineer?
  • What is continuous integration?
  • How is CI related to Jenkins?
  • Why test automation engineers need Jenkins
  • Which kind of resources do you require to implement and use Jenkins?
  • How much effort does using Jenkins require?
  • Setup a new Jenkins installation

… and more. Long article with links to further reading and detailed explanation of CI process, includes running Jenkins in a Docker container. Exciting one!

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