Illustrated guide to 12 Factor Apps

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The 12 Factor App methodology is an influential pattern to designing scalable application architecture. Here is what that means for application architects and their architecture. By Bob Reselman.

Making applications that run at web-scale is hard work. Risks are everywhere—everything from having an application stop dead in its tracks due to network overload to having a competitor take your market share because it’s getting more code to demanding users faster than you can. Any advantage you can muster to create working code better and faster at web-scale is to your benefit.

The article then deals in depth with the following:

  • Codebase
  • Dependencies
  • Config
  • Backing Services
  • Build, Release, Run
  • Processes
  • Port Binding
  • Concurrency
  • Disposability
  • Dev/Prod Parity
  • Logs
  • Admin Processes

The 12 Factor App principles are designed to allow developers to create applications intended to run at web-scale. They can seem overwhelming at first, and in many ways, they are. Having to rethink the very nature of how you make software can be a daunting task. Nice one!

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