Ceph geo replication

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Ceph is our go-to choice for storage clustering (creating a single storage system by linking multiple servers over a network). Ceph offers a robust feature set of native tools that constantly come in handy with routine tasks or specialized challenges you may run into. By Joe Milburn.

Ceph is a unified, distributed storage system designed for excellent performance, reliability and scalability. Ceph is a well-established, production-ready, and open-source clustering solution.

The article then describes:

  • What lead us to create Ceph Geo Replication?
  • What is Ceph Geo Replication? How does it work?
  • Geo-Replication Performance Testing
  • How to install Ceph Geo Replication?

Ceph has some unique stats that no other filesystems give you. To build Ceph Geo Replication, we leveraged one of these directory attributes: rctime. rctime is the highest modification time of all files below the given directory. By using this attribute, Ceph Geo Replication can check the directory tree through checking rctime against the last known modification time of the previous backup, saving the time that would otherwise be wasted checking unmodified files.

If you wish to install cephgeorep, check out tehir GitHub page for instructions. Good read!

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