5 common mistakes in Go

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Some common mistakes that can be seen in Go are infinite recursive call, assignment to nil map, undesired value being used in goroutine, and more. By Jai Pradeesh.

Bug-risks are issues in code that can cause errors and breakages in production. A bug is a flaw in the code that produces undesired or incorrect results. Code often has bug-risks due to poor coding practices, lack of version control, miscommunication of requirements, unrealistic time schedules for development, and buggy third-party tools. In this post, let’s take a look at a few commonly seen bug-risks in Go.

The article then mentions these mistakes:

  • Infinite recursive call
  • Assignment to nil Map
  • Method modifies receiver
  • Possibly undesired value being used in goroutine
  • Deferring close before checking for a possible error

The article also offers links to further reading. Short and sweet!

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