2020 Tech lead survey looks at developers & hints into 2021

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Couchbase has surveyed IT decision makers annually to find out the challenges they face in executing their digital transformation strategies. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 2020 was different from previous years. However, it may come as a surprise to find out how attuned CIOs are to the plight of developers. By Christina Knittel.

In 2020, we surveyed 450 Senior IT decision makers from US, UK, France and Germany. We asked them to describe their digital transformation challenges and how developers are being affected.

Developers are a vital part of enterprises’ digital transformation strategies. However, like any other part of the business at present, they are also under pressure. Asked what complaints their development teams have, 49 percent of organizations reported that developers were being asked to do too much in too little time – a situation that could easily end in stress, fatigue and burn-out.

Development team challenges experienced by organizations

_Source: https://blog.couchbase.com/2020-tech-lead-developer-heros-hints-into-2021/?preview_id=10582_

Ultimately, having to do too much in too little time leads to delays – especially if the organization’s goals are already ambitious. In a year where rapid reaction to unforeseen events was the norm, it is perhaps inevitable that 40 percent of respondents said their development teams were behind schedule with their current projects. Yet this may be an issue of management as much as capability. After all, 46 percent of respondents couldn’t give a precise answer.

86 percent of respondents experienced challenges with their development teams. 40 percent struggle to set clear, measurable goals for development teams, and the same number find it hard to ensure teams always have the right technology. The key to solving many issues is first giving teams the communication, guidance, and technology they need to succeed. For instance, teams shouldn’t be struggling to create innovative services with legacy technology that isn’t suited to the task. Follow the link to the full article for more details. Good read!

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