How to integrate with Visual Studio Code, Azure Cloud instance and Docker desktop

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Back in January, Docker and Microsoft Joined In Hand to Hand for New Strategic way to help developers and development teams to build and ship application better way . key part of this strategy to helping involve the ecosystem. By Sangam Biradar.

Visual Studio Code is one of best tool for all developer with lot of open source extensions and it is widely used tool in day to day developer’s life.

This is step by step tutorial which covers deploying simple Python application:

  • Installing Visual Studio Code
  • Install Docker extension for Visual Studio Code
  • Create Dockerfile with Python runtime
  • Create Python application
  • Build DockerFile and run Dockerized
  • Check containers via Docker extension in Visual Code
  • Creating Azure Container Registry
  • Enable admin more
  • Check your Azure Container Registry via portal

Each step is documented with detailed screen grabs and the code is also provided via GitHub repository. Good read!

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