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What to do when you feel a sudden urge to use shiny new trendy framework or tool. You may ping your team lead or send a message to your whole team about this cool new way of doing things, and you suggest that you start using it. The idea of having to learn something new is good, and I agree with that, but how often should you do that? Written by Nikola Đuza.

So many choices, so little time. What to do?

Gartner: A hype cycle


It doesn’t matter what we choose now or what we chose back in the day. We will still get tempted or have to rewrite our code later down the road. Reasons to do it might vary:

  • Your company was using [insert framework name] and is unable to hire new folks
  • You feel the old solution is not working out for you anymore, and you want something new
  • You succumbed to the industry trends and want to use latest and greatest

Unless we break the cycle.

Constant improvement and shipping a new, better version is planted deep inside our industry. The need to make more efficient, less complex, prettier, robust solutions is breathing down our necks. The article describe the thought process, how:

  • What is HDD – Hype Driven Development
  • Break the cycle
  • Do not fall for the hype. Try to “feel” what works for you and go with that
  • Deal with hype
    • Research and test out before making a decision
    • Is it solving your problem, and what is the cost?
    • Get an opinion from other people

The last one might be tricky if you are working in a small company or a team of not so experienced team members. Try to look for an opinion from an architect or a senior engineer. Just because some library is working out nicely for AirBnB and their website, might not be the best for you, and you might have overlooked some aspect of it. Talking to someone experienced is sometimes a privilege, but if you have it, use it! Excellent read!

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