Everything Apple Intelligence will do for you (so far)

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While the arrangement between OpenAI and Apple is attracting a lot of attention, Apple has put together a sizable number of its own large language model (LLM) tools that will run on a compatible device or in its secure cloud, Private Cloud Compute. By Jonny Evans.

To achieve this, it draws on what your device knows about you and on-device intelligence, or, where necessary, in the cloud via the highly secure Private Cloud Compute system. At all times, Apple says it’s working to protect user privacy, which means your data is protected unless you choose to use a third-party AI, such as ChatGPT.

The article deals with:

  • Tools to help you write better
  • Mail is getting better
  • Meetings, now with AI assistants
  • Tools to help you stay focused
  • Making images
  • Photos gets better at helping you find your stuff
  • Wave your Image Wand
  • Siri gets serious attention

It is likely there will be additional features in place by the time Apple Intelligence is made available in the fall product software updates. This is because developers can use App Intents to make features available within their apps also available across the system. Meanwhile, developers get to use Xcode Complete to work smarter. Good one!

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