To end burnout, cybersecurity must tolerate failure

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At Gartner Security and Management Summit, speakers explained that you can’t buy your way out of cybersecurity burnout. They discussed how a shift from a protection-focused program to a response-focused security strategy can help. By Ijeoma S. Nwatu.

“It is hard simply to survive amid the complicated operating environment you have to defend,” Mixter began. “It gets even harder as budget growth starts to level off, and as the cybersecurity talent gap expands, both here in North America and all around the world. The talent shortage is a very real threat to companies and organizations worldwide. The number of cyber talent we need might as well be a billion for all that we’re going to solve in the near term.”

To kick off the 2024 Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit last week, Gartner’s vice president analysts, Christopher Mixter and Dennis Xu opened the three-day conference with an introduction to augmented cybersecurity with a focus on leaving the zero-tolerance-for-failure mindset behind.

62% of cybersecurity leaders have experienced burnout at least once in the past year,” Xu shared according to Gartner. “You all are doing good work, but you shouldn’t have to be heroes. Interesting read!

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