Big data statistics 2023: How much data is in the world?

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You’ve probably noticed that the term “big data” is frequently used these days. That’s because big data is a major player in the digital age. This term refers to complex and massive data sets that far exceed the potential of traditional data processing applications. By Ogi Djuraskovic.

The article explains stats about:

  • General overview of big data statistics and facts
    • There is 10% unique and 90 % replicated data in the global datasphere
    • Amount of data/information generated, gathered, copied, and consumed to reach 180 zettabytes by 2025
  • Overview of data analytics stats and facts
  • Corporate big data statistics and facts

    • Microsoft is the largest vendor in the worldwide big data and analytics software market with a 12.8% market share
  • Cloud computing and big data centers statistics

    • In 2021, the US is the country with the most data centers (2670) in the world
    • In 2020, businesses spent $129.5 billion on cloud infrastructure services and data centers
    • Global colocation data center market revenue could increase to more than $58 billion by 2025

… and more detailed data could be found in this article. Through big data analytics, modern businesses can forecast market fluctuations, discover more lucrative business opportunities, improve their efficiencies, beat their competitors, and provide a more customer-centric service and experience. Good read!

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