Deploying an NGINX Reverse Proxy Sidecar Container on Amazon ECS

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Nathan Peck short article and tutorial on topic of high performing nginx reverse proxy in container. The post explains the benefits of a reverse proxy, and explains how to use nginx and Amazon EC2 Container Service (Amazon ECS) to easily implement and deploy a reverse proxy for your containerized application.

Sidecar containers are a common software pattern that has been embraced by engineering organizations. A sidecar container is simply a way to move part of the core responsibility of a service out into a containerized module that is deployed alongside a core application container.

Author then describes how to use:

  • Reverse proxy for security
  • Reverse proxy for performance

Running a sidecar container such as nginx can bring significant benefits by making it easier to provide protection for application containers. Example code for nginx config and ecs config are provided. Good reading.

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