Creative writing with git-flow and the Snowflake Method

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Sage Gerard wrote this interesting article about using git flow with creative writing. Randy Ingermanson’s Snowflake Method makes you start from a crude, yet complete one sentence story and iterate until you are left with a good story.

Snowflow branches behave analogously to their git-flow counterparts, with some added expectations.

  • The master branch holds a project that comĀ­piles to PDF and tells a complete story
  • An elaborate (develop) branch adds detail to the story
  • A concept (feature) branch introduces at least one unique, self-contained concept
  • A review (release) branch holds a complete story for review. If the story is of sufficient editorial quality it may merge to master.
  • A reconcile (hotfix) branch fixes pressing logical errors such as plot holes.
  • A seed (support) branch addresses circumstantial concerns such as differences in story arcs or fictional universes.

Whole article is detailed and interesting read.

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