Working with Terraform and Kubernetes

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Philipp Strube form Kubestack put together this article about Kubestack provisions managed Kubernetes services like AKS, EKS and GKE using Terraform but also integrates cluster services from Kustomize bases into the GitOps workflow.

Hashicorp recently announced better integration between Terraform and Kubernetes. Author took this as an opportunity to give an overview of how Terraform can be used with Kubernetes today and what to be aware of.

To be able to support different resources, Terraform requires providers that integrate the respective API. So, to create Kubernetes resources we need a Kubernetes provider. Here are our options:

  • Terraform kubernetes provider (official)
  • Terraform kubernetes-alpha provider
  • Terraform kustomize provider

For teams that are already invested into Terraform, or teams that are looking for ways to replace kubectl in automation, Terraform’s plan/apply life-cycle has always been a promising option to automate changes to Kubernetes resources. However, the limitations of the official Kubernetes provider resulted in this not seeing significant adoption. Good read!

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