MiniScaffold, setting up a new F# project the easy way

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Setting up a new project can be a pain. Especially if you want to split it into separate folders for clarity. You might want a src folder for the project itself, a test folder for the unit and integration tests, a docs folder for documentation. By Simon Taite.

If you’re writing in F# you’ve probably long ago moved from NuGet to Paket, but the standard .NET templates still use NuGet so that has to be migrated. There’s build scripts to write too. It could be an hour or more of work before you start working on the code you actually wanted to write.

Enter MiniScaffold, a dotnet template that is for creating and publishing applications (supporting .NET Core 3.1) and libraries (supporting both .NETStandard 2.1 and .NET Framework 4.6.1

It’s designed and built to take care of the humdrum for you, it gives you:

  • Clean and well separated folder structure
  • Matching .gitignore file
  • .editorconfig file tweaked for F# development
  • Configures CI builds on Appveyor (for Windows) and TravisCI (for Linux and macOS)
  • Fully configured build scripts using FAKE
  • Integrated package management with Paket
  • Integrated unit testing (Expecto) and code coverage reports (AltCover/ReportGenerator)
  • Automatic code formatting with Fantomas

To get started, install the template and run few commands. Easy!

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