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An article by Paweł Zelmański about his journey with a first bigger kata programmed in F#. The term ‘Kata’ means a structured way of doing things or practice. It has its roots in Japanese martial arts where learners spend much of their time practicing drills to improve specific moves.

The whole exercise took author about 20 hours, distributed over about two weeks. Repository with code can be found on the GitHub.

The article then describes the steps of his journey while learning F# language:

  • About Kata
  • Example test cases provided by Kata
  • Overview of the solution – Interpreter, Specification, Tests
  • Types
  • Domain driven design
    • Wrapping simple types into domain types
    • Creating complex types
  • Test driven development
    • Using TDD to incrementally build the application
  • Surprises of F# from C# point of view

… and more. We liked: F# heavily depends on pipe operator |>. This operator passes a value from a previous function or variable into another function. This is in depth article which will be very useful to anybody learning F#. With opr without the previous coding experience. Nice one!

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