How to build stateful, cloud-native services with Akka and Kubernetes

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In this white paper by Jonas Bonér, CTO and co-founder of Lightbend, Inc you will learn few tips for running your stateful services as if they are stateless. The next frontier of competitive advantage is the speed with which you can extract value from data.

Speed counts: managing a firehose of never-ending data streams requires Reactive, data-driven services that can operate in near-real-time. This forces us to shift from a traditional stateless approach to data where a database somewhere is constantly being hit with requests each time information is needed to a stateful data-driven approach, where data is owned and accessed locally, with low latency and high-availability.

This long article then deals with:

  • The rise of containers
  • Managing containers at scale
  • Towards a holistic view on system design
  • The unfortunate trend of stateless protocols in cloud-native apps
  • Finding success with data-driven stateful services
  • The challenges of orchestrating stateful services

… and much more. Akka lets you run stateful services on Kubernetes as if they are stateless. No fuzz, no StatefulSets, no Operators, no messing around with remotely mounted disks, just using the infrastructure and guarantees that Kubernetes gives stateless services.

Apart from white paper in PDF form you will also get links to further resources and reading. Very informative article!

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