Why Python devs should use Pipenv

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Lacey Williams Henschel article about Pipenv which has become the official Python-recommended resource for managing package dependencies. Pipenv, the “Python Development Workflow for Humans” created by Kenneth Reitz. But there is still confusion about what problems it solves and how it’s more useful than the standard workflow using pip and a requirements.txt file.

Pipenv aims to solve several problems. First, the problem of needing the pip library for package installation, plus a library for creating a virtual environment, plus a library for managing virtual environments, plus all the commands associated with those libraries.

There are other benefits to using Pipenv: It has better security features, graphs your dependencies in an easier-to-understand format, seamlessly handles .env files, and can automatically handle differing dependencies for development versus production environments in one file.

The article has 3 sections:

  • A brief history of Python package installation
  • The new kid: Pipenv
  • Pipenv in action

You will find plenty of links to further resources and reading, including to the basics of using Pipenv. Good read!

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