What you need to consider before building a fintech product

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Blog post by Artur Bachynskyi with some advice on topic of fintech products. Financial technology aka fintech is a popular start-up sector for entrepreneurs, as more and more people are striving for financial literacy. The shift to treating one’s finances more intelligently has led the creators to apply the principles of human-centered design (HCD) when developing fintech products.

Author will tell you about the pitfalls that await almost anyone who has decided to build a fintech product.

Example of points mentioned in the post:

  • Consider the target country
  • Find a team with experience in developing the fintech products
  • Choose the technology considering the future of your fintech product
  • Consider possible integration with third parties
  • It is not only for the end-customers
  • Have a product owner & communicate (a lot)

All of them valid. For example, eight countries in the world have launched a regulatory sandbox in their financial markets.

This means that they have created a special framework set up by financial center regulation to provide testing of innovation technologies under the regulation’s supervision. Good read!

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