What, why and how of PHP Composer

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Introduction in packaging tool for PHP – Composer. Article by Gaurav Makhecha from laravelfactory.com in which he tries to demystify the package manager Laravel and other frameworks use. Composer is a dependency manager and autoloading expert for PHP.

Author covers quick history about dependency management, explains what Composer is, discusses about the pains that Composer fixes and then walks through some useful points and tips around composer for the new developers and package maintainers.

The article explains:

  • Pains that Composer fixes
    • Dependency Management
    • Project directory size
    • Autoloading
  • Nuts and bolts of Composer
    • Installation
    • Versioning management
    • Slowness of Composer
    • Package development

And more. Composer also allows you to alter or expand its functionality by using composer-plugins. You can perform actions when your package is loaded and when certain events are fired. Good read!

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