Using Watir to automate web browsers with Ruby

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Browser automation describes the process of programmatically performing certain actions in the browser (or handing these actions over to robots) that might otherwise be quite tedious or repetitive to be performed manually by a human. By Jude Ero.

Watir, pronounced as water, is a group of Ruby libraries for automated web browsers. It allows writing the tests which are easy to read and maintain. In other words, it is a simple and flexible tool.

In the artcile also:

  • What is browser automation?
  • Implementing Watir
  • Installing gems
  • Setting up Watir
  • Launching a browser
  • Finding and interacting with elements
  • Extracting data from the web page
  • Executing javascript

Watir is a family of libraries for web browser testing and automation. It is highly regarded in the Ruby community and easy to learn and use. In this tutorial, you learned how to set it up and harness its most common functionalities. Interesting!

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