Top 5 pieces of advice for cloud migration projects

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Every organization is unique, and so is every cloud migration project. The project scope, timeline, and expense involved can vary widely depending on the size of the organization, how many geographies it operates in, how many applications are being implemented, and how many lines of business are being affected. By Susan Aumack.

Upon first glance, a cloud migration project can seem like a daunting process, but when organizations are armed with the proper knowledge, fear quickly turns to confidence.

The advice in the article given:

  • Build the three-way partnership
  • Communication with stakeholders is key
  • Think long-term
  • Build a clear roadmap
  • Test from the start

Do stress testing. Do load time. Understand what your windows are at the very beginning of the project. Definitely make sure you’re working through the technical logistical side as early on the project as you can. Link to the podcasts are also provided. Good read!

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