Tool up your API integration testing with OpenAPI

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Vinod Chandru, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder, Kloudless wrote this long post about integartiomn testing for your API. The modern web application is no longer a self-contained hub for the distribution of its own data. Uniformity in how APIs operate and what they return has become an increasingly important goal for engineers who build and maintain the APIs.

Unified APIs present other interesting possibilities. A unified API is essentially an abstraction layer that consolidates multiple third-party APIs into a single set of data models accessed through common API endpoints.

Article pays attention to:

  • What is the OpenAPI Spec?
  • Contract testing
  • Mock APIs
  • The future of testing with OpenAPI
  • Unified APIs

It’s clear the OpenAPI Specification is here to stay. The standardization of a way to describe RESTful APIs has proved to be of immense value to both those designing interfaces and those consuming them. Good guide!

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