Skaffold for local kubernetes development

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Straight to the point guide from Shane Lee aiming to get you running with kubernetes in no time. Great tutorial for anybody new to kubernetes.

Skaffold is fantastic for local development with kubernetes. You are able to test locally your changes without having to deploy remotely. This helps speed up local development and gives developers confidence in their changes.

Skaffold is a tool to develop containerized applications locally or remotely while deploying them on Kubernetes. It automatically builds and deploys your apps as you change your source code.

Skaffold primarily simplifies the build → deploy → refactor → repeat cycle.

The article then guides you through:

  • Skaffold main features
  • Local development with sample skaffold.yml file
  • Explaining local development workflow
  • Explaining Dockerfile

You will also get links to further reading and tools for kubernetes and skaffold exploration. Nice little gem!

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