Serverless decision service

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Serverless is definitely a trend that enables organisations to just manage what matters to them rather than the whole infrastructure to run their business. Serverless Decision Service seems to be an answer to business agility that drives the business performance as it will take the worry and efforts of how to run operational decisions away from organisations. By Arash Aghlara.

A Decision Model to identify the strategy to process a loan application


The article does a good job explaining:

  • Decision service and decision model
  • Service management
  • Core requirements
    • Versioning: Ability to model, deploy, run and manage multiple versions of a decision
    • Business Decision KPI: Ability to define KPIs for services and measure their success based on those KPIs
    • Ability to support the full business scenario
    • Ability of services to support both stateless and stateful behaviours

When the decisioning platform provides serverless capabilities, it means the activities related to managing infrastructure is done for you by host provider. If that’s a cloud service provider that means the services can simply be run by Azure Functions, AWS Lambda and other equivalent serverless platforms. Good read!

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