Build a serverless app using Go and Azure functions

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Webhook backend is a popular use case for FaaS (Functions-as-a-service) platforms. Using a serverless function, it’s quite convenient to encapsulate the webhook functionality and expose it in the form of an HTTP endpoint. By Abhishek Gupta.

In this tutorial you will learn how to implement a Slack app as a serverless backend using Azure Functions and Go. You can extend the Slack platform and integrate services by implementing custom apps or workflows that have access to the full scope of the platform allowing you to build powerful experiences in Slack.

The main points of this article:

  • Get an overview of Custom Handlers in Azure Functions
  • Understand what’s going on behind the scenes with a brief code walk through
  • Learn how to setup the solution using configure Azure Functions and Slack
  • Run your Slack app in the workspace!
  • What are Custom Handlers?
  • Application structure
  • Code walk through

You will aso get all the code in the Github repo. Now, there is nothing stopping you from using Go for your serverless functions on Azure! Great!

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