Reducing errors with type hinting in PHP

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In this article, author will explain everything you need to know about type-hinting in PHP, which will help you achieve this goal. We’ll begin by exploring what type-hinting in PHP is, and then author will show you how to start using it in your applications. By Adebayo Adams.

Type-hinting means explicitly stating the expected type of declarations in your code. This allows you to enforce specific types in your code. PHP allows you to type-hint function parameters, return values, and class properties to write more robust code.

Further in the article:

  • Different types in PHP
  • Type-hinting function parameters
  • Strict types
  • Type-hinting function returns
  • Void returns
  • Static returns
  • Nullable types
  • Nullable return types
  • Union types
  • Type-hinting class properties
  • Using the callable type
  • Eliminate type errors

… and more. The PHP version 8 update introduced union types, which allow you to specify more than one type for a single declaration. For example, a function that formats prices should be able to take an int or a float. Type-hinting your code makes it significantly easier to document your code as a solo developer or when working in a team. Excellent read!

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