Six docker compose best practices for dev and prod

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Docker solves the “but it runs on my machine” problem by introducing containerization. However, with a multifaceted code base, you must simultaneously run several containers like the back and front end. Further, this will require you to leverage tools such as Docker Compose. By Regis Wilson.

Docker Compose is a tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications. It allows you to bring up and link multiple containers into one logical unit. The article then brings these points to your attention:

  • What is docker compose good for?
  • Mount your code as volume to avoid unnecessary rebuilds
  • Use an override file
  • Use YAML anchors
  • Leverage the docker restart policy
  • Correct cleanup order of docker images
  • Setting your containers’ cpu and memory limits

These tips will help you use Docker Compose more effectively in development and production. After trying out the above configuration and optimization, you should be able to build your containers efficiently. Nice one!

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