Quick front-end integrations through components

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Integrations between people and projects are a challenge for every organization. For teams that work remotely, it’s twice as challenging. Integrations should be made as simple and “low-touch” as possible. By Jonathan Saring.

Luckily enough, modern frontend is built with components. And, we can leverage Bit to achieve quick and simple component-driven integrations between teammates working on different projects. Bit lets front-end teams expose components from each other’s projects and quickly use their APIs wherever they’re needed. It makes the process much simpler and more effective than before through a set of unique features and capabilities throughout the component’s lifecycle.

In this post, author explains and demonstrate:

  • How to quickly expose components from your project and let other teammates use their APIs in their own projects (no repo splitting)
  • How these components can be quickly integrated into new projects using Bit’s ability to “source” components for local code editing
  • How your team can share all your components for reuse and expose their APIs through the bit.dev component cloud.
  • And finally, how you can connect Bit.dev to GitHub and Slack to create one super-workflow for building with components together

Excellent read and as a bonus you will get video tutorial as well.

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