Qualcomm: Generative AI and impressive diversification signal a new era of growth

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QCOM’s entry into the AI chips market seems promising, with MSFT endorsing the ARM-based Snapdragon X Elite CPU chips as the “fastest, most AI-ready PC ever built.” By Juxtaposed Ideas.

MSFT has recently launched new AI-powered personal computers with QCOM, namely Copilot+ PCs, powered by the latter’s latest ARM-based Snapdragon X Elite CPU chips. With OpenAI’s multimodal GPT-4o model embedded on these PCs while supposedly boasting faster processing speeds and more efficient batteries than AAPL’s most advanced MacBook Air with the M3 processor, it is unsurprising that MSFT has touted these as the “fastest, most AI-ready PC ever built.”

For context, the Neural Processing Unit [NPU] is touted to be the key in enhancing AI performance in a PC, given that it simulates the “human brain’s neural network” in processing “large amounts of data in parallel, performing trillions of operations per second.” Interesting read!

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