The potential for using Service Mesh for Event-Driven Messaging

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Kasun Indrasiri (director of Integration Architecture at WSO2 and is an author/evangelist on microservices architecture and enterprise-integration architecture) provides article full of insights into potential new use for Service Mesh. The current popular implementations of service meshes (Istio, Linkerd, Consul Connect, etc.) only cater to the request-response style synchronous communication between microservices.

There are two main architectural patterns for implementing messaging support within a service mesh; the protocol proxy sidecar, which is a proxy for all the inbound and outbound events from the consumer and producer; and the HTTP bridge sidecar which translates or transforms event-driven communication protocol to HTTP or similar protocol.

Regardless of the bridging pattern that is used, the sidecar can facilitate the implementation (and correction abstraction) of cross-functional features such as observability, throttling, tracing etc.

The article discusses in detail:

  • Implementing event-driven messaging
  • Protocol-proxy sidecar
  • HTTP-bridge sidecar
  • Key capabilities of an event-driven service mesh

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