OPC UA, MQTT, and Apache Kafka - The Trinity of data streaming in IoT

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In the IoT world, MQTT and OPC UA have established themselves as open and platform-independent standards for data exchange in Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 use cases. Data Streaming with Apache Kafka is the data hub for integrating and processing massive volumes of data at any scale in real-time. By Kai Waehner.

Machine data must be transformed and made available across the enterprise as soon as it is generated to extract the most value from the data. As a result, operations can avoid critical failures and increase the effectiveness of their overall plant.

Decision tree for evaluating IoT protocols

Source: https://www.kai-waehner.de/blog/2022/02/11/opc-ua-mqtt-apache-kafka-the-trinity-of-data-streaming-in-industrial-iot/

The article then describes:

  • Kappa architecture for a real-time IoT data hub
  • When to use Kafka vs. MQTT and OPC UA?
  • Meeting the challenges of Industry 4.0 through data streaming and data mesh
  • Separation of concerns in the OT/IT world with domain-driven design and true decoupling
  • How to choose between OPC UA and MQTT with Kafka?
  • Decision tree for evaluating IoT protocols
  • Integration between MQTT / OPC UA and Kafka
  • BMW case study: Manufacturing 4.0 with smart factory and cloud

… and much more. An event-driven data streaming platform is elastic and highly available. It represents an opportunity to increase production facilities’ overall asset effectiveness significantly. With the help of data processing and integration capabilities, data streaming complements machine connectivity via MQTT, OPC UA, HTTP, among others. This allows streams of sensor data to be transported throughout the plant and to the cloud in near real-time. Nice one!

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