Near real-time monitoring charts with Spring Boot Actuator, Jolokia and Grafana

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Bruno Simioni who is systems architect and in charge of CI&T’s software architecture strategy of commerce and retail businesses wrote short article about real time monitoring with Spring Boots. In a clustered and elastic environment, applications nodes can grow, multiply and be composed by a very large number of instances. Monitoring isolated nodes can be painful and inconclusive. A tool for aggregating time-series data fits better.

This post intention is to find out a solution for monitoring Spring Boot Metrics over time, in a time-series fashion, with no implementation needed, only by tooling and configuration.

Author compares various solutions - either from 3rd parties, e.g. APMs like NewRelic, AppDynamics or DataDog, or spring-boot-admin, jconsole, visualvm etc. Continues with some Ops modern tools - Prometheus, Sensu, StatsD, Graphite, OpenTSDB, JMXTrans without much success as all of these require some customization.

Author seeks to find solution with zero coding, which he finds with InfluxDB, Jolokia and Telegraf. Also uses Grafana which works with InfluxDB out of box. Example configuration provided in github project and docker compose. If you try to implement near real tie monitoring this article may be useful.

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