Hands-on: Create Your First Serverless Application in Apache OpenWhisk

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Janakiram MSV article about an open source serverless platform from IBM, OpenWhisk. OpenWhisk is available in two modes, hosted and on-premises. Developers can easily get started with it for implementing event-driven, loosely coupled functions.

Article detailed instructions will help you to set up, configure, and Test Apache OpenWhisk in a Virtual Machine. Configuring the platform is simple and straightforward.

Key Concepts and Terminology - OpenWhisk deals with three key components: Triggers, Actions, and Rules. Actions are the functions that developers write, which get invoked directly through an HTTP call or by a Trigger. OpenWhisk supports JavaScript, Java, Swift, and even arbitrary binaries packaged as Docker containers.

Creating an Action to Send an Email - Example code will help you demonstrate how to use custom node.js packages to build a function, and invoking it asynchronously. And then you will use SendGrid for sending the email.

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