Migrating to Google Cloud Spanner

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This blog covers a typical migration journey from your existing database to Google Cloud Spanner DB. It covers the entire journey into three parts — essential things to do before, during, and after migration, so that you can also follow along similar lines and ensure a smooth migration of your data. By Hardik Taluja.

There are a lot of things that you need to explore before getting started with the migration process. Further the article explains:

  • What is Google Cloud Spanner?
  • Understand your requirements
  • Some features of Spanner
  • How does Cloud Spanner work?
  • Design DBs and Tables
  • Remodeling and course correction opportunities
  • Cleanup
  • Follow best practices and avoid anti-patterns for Spanner
  • Application side changes
  • Migration strategy
  • Key takeaways

… and much more. Try to avoid manual steps in the process as much as possible to avoid any chances of errors due to human intervention. Data validation is of utmost importance. Keep some scripts ready to validate data in both sources after the bulk restore, CDC records, and reverse CDC records. If something gets missed in validation, there is no going back, as it will be too late once we realise any discrepancy later. Nice one!

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