How we automatically share new content on social media

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When authors publish a new post on Laravel News, many things happen in the background for it to be automatically sent out to all the places around the internet. In this post, let’s look at how they share it with all the services. By Eric L. Barnes.

As you can see, we utilize many different services, but once they are set up, it’s not something we’ve had too much trouble with, and it all happens automatically.

Explained in the article is automation related to:

  • Laravel notification channels
  • Emails
  • RSS feed
  • RSS to Zapier
  • JSON Feed
  • Google news feed

This is how authors share with many different services when a new post is published. This setup has been in production for almost a decade and has been solid. Of course, one could also use various APIs directly, but they’ve found going through Zapier passes on API changes to them instead of something they need to worry about. Good read!

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