Lessons learned while writing a Haskell application

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Gabriel Volpe in this article writes about his experience with Haskell. He introduced Haskell at his last job and wanted to put into practice all the stuff he learned: take the good, leave the bad.

Note: if you write Scala, many of the tips will also be useful for you.

The article covers:

  • Configuration
  • Production-ready effect: RIO (influenced by Michael Snoyman’s articles The ReaderT design pattern and The RIO Monad)
  • Polymorphic record of functions
  • Smart constructors
  • Parametric reasoning
  • Web server

… Web server is written using servant and it’s a pleasure to use. It also allows you to generate documentation from the API definition using swagger. Servant is a set of Haskell libraries for writing type-safe web applications but also deriving clients (in Haskell and other languages) or generating documentation for them, and more.

Parametric reasoning matters: ideally we should be able to tell what a function does by just looking at its type signature. Great read for anybody into functional programming or web development!

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