Lambda deployment frameworks compared

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A comparison piece by Yan Cui about underlying plumbing when deploying Lambda function to AWS. One needs to be able manage the configuration for functions as well as other related resources such as API Gateway, CloudWatch log groups and IAM policies.

Depending on the event sources you would like to use, you also need to provision the necessary EventSourceMapping in order to use Lambda with the likes of Kinesis Streams and SQS.

Engineers want to work with a layer of abstraction that shields developers from these incidental complexities related to CloudFormation and Lambda. This is where deployment frameworks come in.

The article then compares:

  • Serverless framework
  • Aws SAM
  • Terraform
  • Claudia.js
  • Aws Chalice
  • Zappa
  • Appex
  • Up
  • Architect

In terms of features, all the frameworks fulfill the basic requirement of packaging and deploying your code to Lambda very well. You will also get with categorized customizability and opinionatedness. Good job!

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