Human inside: How capabilities can unleash business performance

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Companies need human capabilities more than ever. What can organizations do about it? As business pressures only increase, organizations need to help develop workers’ human capabilities—curiosity, imagination, creativity, empathy, and courage—and encourage their application across all levels and departments. By John Hagel, Cochairman, Deloitte Center for the Edge.

In the future of work, a paradox is becoming increasingly apparent and important: The more advanced and pervasive technology becomes, the more important humans are to the equation—humans as customers, humans as buyers, humans as engines of growth and innovation, humans as users, collaborators, and stakeholders. And leaders are seeing fresh importance in the ways in which organizations deploy and develop their people to create new value and navigate increasing ambiguity.

Why aren’t companies more focused on developing and making use of the human capabilities in their organizations? Why is this still an unrealized opportunity?

Innate human capabilities broaden the horizon

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The article deals with the following in great deal:

  • An untapped opportunity
  • The business benefits
  • How to approach cultivating capabilities
  • Why do capabilities matter?
  • Cultivating human capabilities offers tangible business benefits
  • Myths and misconceptions
  • How to cultivate capabilities throughout the organization

.. and much more. Tons of good advice and pointers how innovation, transformation, and leadership occur in many ways.

We liked this:

Human capability: Attributes that are demonstrated independent of context. Capabilities have value and applicability across different outcomes, sectors, and domains; they do not become obsolete.

Skill: The tactical knowledge or expertise needed to achieve work outcomes within a specific context. Skills are specific to a particular function, tool, or outcome, and they are applied by an individual to accomplish a given task.

Excellent read, very insightful for anybody in a leadership role!

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