Centralize your automation logs with Ansible Tower and Splunk Enterprise

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For many IT teams, automation is a core component these days. But automation is not something on it’s own - it is a part of a puzzle and needs to interact with the surrounding IT. By Leonardo Araujo.

The Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is a solution to build and operate automation at scale. As part of the platform, Ansible Tower integrates well with external logging solutions, such as Splunk, and it is easy to set that up. In this blog post we will demonstrate how to perform the necessary configurations in both Splunk and Ansible Tower to let them work well together. Splunk is data platform which enables you to bring data to every question, decision and action.

This tutorial then describes in detail:

  • Setup of Splunk
  • Configuring Data Input with Red Hat Ansible Content Collections
  • Validating Data Input
  • Configuring Ansible Tower
  • Viewing the logs in Splunk
  • Creating a simple dashboard

In this post, author demonstrates how to send the Ansible Tower usage logs to Splunk to enable a centralized view of all events generated by Ansible Tower. That way we can create graphs from various information, such as the number of playbooks that failed or succeeded, modules most used in the executed playbooks and so on. Plenty of screen shots and all the code for playbook available. Superb!

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