HR in an RPA vendor – how bots are transforming the function

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Many CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) interviews are pretty pedestrian. Most involve an executive telling me about their new HRMS (Human Resources Management System) solution and the implementation effort they incurred. Some particularly painful ones occur when an HR executive wants to prattle on about some minor item. By Brian Sommer.

The HR system only contains active employees but may not be able to calculate a full-time-equivalent value when part-time employees enter the equation. One client of mine has a number of ‘alumni’ (ie: former employees) that they re-activate for short-term needs (eg: they can reactivate a nurse in a given location if the regular one is on maternity leave). Are these people employees, part-time employees, contractors or some other status? How do you account for them? Ditto for interns, some contractors, people on sabbatical, people on extended leaves of absences and other worker types.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Nancy Hauge, CHRO of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) vendor Automation Anywhere. One of the headlines from this interview was that it highlighted a number of interesting ways HR and the enterprise can use bots. Lots of bots.

The article reads about:

  • How many people work here?
  • Who’s eligible for benefits?
  • Bots as part of HR implementation
  • New takes on the 9-Box - HR for Individuals
  • Personalized HR - down to each and every individual
  • How HR builds bots

Finally, much of the focus on advanced technologies in HR has been around the use (and misuse) of machine learning, artificial intelligence and facial recognition technologies. The bot focus has mostly focused on a few niche use cases (eg: having a bot help a jobseeker schedule an interview or help an employee get an answer to a benefits question). Good read!

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