Build a Hello World API with Scala and Akka HTTP

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Miguel Lopez short and sweet tutorial about building a Hello World web application with Akka. Akka is a popular actor-based toolkit for building concurrent and distributed applications in the JVM. These applications mostly use Scala or Java.

Akka toolkit has several modules that help to build such distributed applications, and Akka HTTP is one of them. Akka HTTP has both client-side and server-side utilities.

The tutorial covers:

  • Project setup (sbt and Scala)
  • Adding and instantiating of dependencies
  • Route creation
  • Server
  • Logging

While using Scala and Akka HTTP is not the fastest way to develop APIs, it allows you to integrate other Akka modules, such as actors, streams, clusters, and more, making it easier to develop resilient and scalable systems.

Code repository is provided together with link to free course containing 14 videos related to the Akka topic. Nice!

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