How to install Centmin Mod with Let's Encrypt and CloudFlare

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Mike Tabor posted tutorial how to install LAMP server via Centmin Mod and take advantage of free SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt and also leveraging free DNS from CloudFlare.

Centmin Mod LEMP stack auto installer for an optimized Nginx, MariaDB, PHP-FPM & CSF Firewall stack for CentOS 6 & 7 developed by George Liu (eva2000). Nginx & PHP version management, adding Nginx vhost sites and Wordpress auto installer with Wordpress caching via a shell menu based

Centmin Mod has several benefits, the first being it installs a LEMP stack (Linux, NGINX, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP), then optimizes the installs, and secures the server.

Article then descibes in detail:

  • How to setup CloudFlare
  • Installing Centmin Mod
  • Adding a vhost and WordPress install using Centmin Mod

If you need simple vhost management for your virtual machines, this article ahs everything you will need.

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