Building Inclusive Web: Why Accessibility Matters

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Sami Keijonen has written this good article about accessibility and why it matters. Accessibility matters because we, the people, want to use the web. Working towards an inclusive web helps us achieve that goal.

In this article author shares his thoughts on why accessibility is important; from empathy and what is simply “good business”, through to selfishness and accessibility laws.

“Would you build a bridge that only a specific type of car can use?” – Andrea Fercia

Amongst other things he discusses why inclusive web design is good for business and includes some statistics:

  • 20% of people rely on an inclusive web and accessibility
  • 50% of people benefit from an inclusive web and accessibility
  • Everyone benefits from a website being usable

He also touches on legal aspects and law requirements in EU, US and other countries. Lengthy article with plenty food for thougts.

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