How to get big results with a small SRE team

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One responsibility of every site reliability engineering team is to help other engineers deliver changes quickly and safely to customers. By Pierre Vincent Head of Site Reliability Engineering, Glofox.

Luckily, SRE principles were established with an eye to building lasting, scalable value, and are a critical part of DevOps. For example, when an SRE team provides developers with tools to own their service lifecycle, they become a productivity multiplier instead of a bottleneck.

Here’s tried and tested advice to help you build a strong and sustainable SRE team regardless of the team’s size:

  • Help others, never block them
  • Beware of rolling your own stack and tools
  • Avoid technology spread
  • Measure where your team is spending its time and effort
  • Put structure around unplanned work
  • Spread on-call responsibilities
  • Your small team can yield big results

The essence of SRE is to help build solutions that have lasting value and that will work at scale. A well-thought-out software delivery platform will work for 10 engineers or 200, as long as you keep aiming for zero SRE intervention between the developer committing code and seeing the change have an effect in production. Good read!

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